Ionia is a way of life where common sense comes alive.  The tools at Ionia are gathered energy, open thought, simple food and seasonal activities.  The families of Ionia have come to see that we need to live in a place where we can do something about the things that mean most to us.  And we find that here.

On 200 acres of wild Alaskan land, the residents of Ionia have cooperatively built beautiful log cabins, a log community center, outbuildings, ball field, and a straw-clay barn. Organic gardens, greenhouses, and grain trials help to feed us throughout the year. We mill spruce logs to build our homes and furniture, and we grow and cut our firewood. Without compromising access to the latest technologies, we live here with a minimum of disturbance to the land’s natural beauty and balance.

Over time, Ionia has become a model of peer support and cooperation, setting an example of positive change in the world. Our community’s genuine homegrown spirit has a contagious optimism. The lush gardens and log beams, simple activity, grounded ideas and bright starlit Alaskan nights have a deeply rejuvenating and inspiring effect. Visitors report leaving Ionia feeling refreshed and hopeful. Ionia is more than an answer to problems…. It is a safe place to explore your own thoughts with others, to share good meals and shed light on what is important to you in your life.