Ionia is aiming to be a demonstration eco-village, embodying the change that is possible everywhere.

Renewable energy technologies – solar and biomass projects – are underway here. We are planting trees in order to renew our firewood supply. The Longhouse has a high efficiency, low emission, wood fired boiler and an array of solar panels which supply both heat and hot water. Many of the buildings at Ionia have beautiful huge masonry heaters – an ancient technology – or innovative rocket mass heaters. These feel luxurious yet use wood very efficiently, and are also safe for small children.

We build our homes like we grow food – using non-toxic materials that are locally and sustainably harvested whenever possible.  Our building ingredients are straightforward and wholesome.  Construction materials such as wood, stone, straw and clay produce simple buildings and reinforce the occupants connection to the outdoors.  These homes require little energy to live in comfortably and nourish the health and well being of residents.